A Seamless Supply of Vannamei Prawns

XpressFish has sourced the most succulent vannamei prawns direct from the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal; cutting out the middleman to ensure excellent value and quality control.

Vannamei Prawns

Dependable Quality Exotic Fish Specialists

XpressFish customers can depend on direct supplies of superb quality Tilapia and Pangasius at great value from fishing net to their door.


XpressFish Supplies a World of Seafood Direct

To meet the UK’s appetite for international cuisine XpressFish offers the finest choice of fish from the four corners of the earth. Our products are brought to you direct from our fishery partners without any middlemen

Squid Tubes

Special Offers

Vannamei Prawns Block

Vannamei Shrimp P&D 6 x 900g VAN26/30

Vannamei Prawns IQF

Vannamei Shrimp P&D 10 x 1kg VANIQF26/30

Fresh Water Prawns Block

Fresh Water Prawns Block HLSO U5 6 x 700g FWU/5

Fresh Water Prawns IQF

Fresh Water Prawns HLSO IQF 6-8 10 x 420g FWIQF6/8PREM

Squid Tubes

Squid Tubes 4‑6 (I. Argentinus) 40% Glaze 10 x 1kg SQ46IL60
Squid Tubes U5 (I. Argentinus) 40% Glaze 10 x 1kg SQU5IL60
Squid Tubes U5 (I. Argentinus) 30% Glaze 10 x 1kg SQ1570
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