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Staycation-Putting the ‘Great’ back in Britain


The overall effects of Covid-19 may live with us for some time yet and it has clearly hit the whole world very hard on both humanitarian and economic fronts.  On a business level, lockdowns have clearly devastated the UK hospitality sector with many of the business that were unable to trade now facing an uncertain future.  For many the feeling has been split - 50% doom, 50% gloom.  But all is not lost!

The UK vaccinations program gives us hope that restaurants could be back in full swing very soon and inland takeaways have enjoyed good levels of business through the pandemic with the added bonus of a 15% VAT reduction.  Although the previous 12 months has been far from ideal for our industry, there is plenty to be optimistic about for the summer and beyond.

The combination of reduced foreign travel and record bookings for UK holidays would suggest a significant spike for the UK food industry.  In recent weeks, the high street has felt the immediate impact of pent up consumer spending power as shops re-opened and restaurants will surely feel the benefit come 17 May as a level of normality returns.

Who knows?  Maybe a post-Covid, post-Brexit, Britain will become a vibrant, flourishing Great Britain once again as the sun shines on the food industry throughout 2021.  We certainly hope so!!


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