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Faroese Fisheries achieve MSC Standard for Cod and Haddock


The Faroe Islands Sustainable Fishery (FISF) has achieved certification for cod and haddock to the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) globally recognized standard for sustainable fishing.  The new certification follows a rigorous and independent review that verified the fishery’s sustainability to the global science-based standard set by the MSC.


This is a significant milestone for the Faroe Islands, a country of 53 000 people which relies on exports for jobs and income.  As well as safeguarding fish stocks and the marine environment, the fishery will now be able to export MSC labelled cod and haddock products to overseas markets, helping to create new opportunities.


Hanus Hansen, Chairman of the newly created FISF and CEO of JFK Seafood, owners of the Gadus and Sjuroarberg vessels said, “In the industry, we have been working systematically towards this situation where the Faroese fishing authorities adjusted the fishery management system to be sustainable according to international principles.


We therefore applaud that the independent auditors have now certified the Faroese fisheries for cod and haddock as sustainable against MSC’s Fisheries Standard.  This will benefit the industry and society as a whole.”   The good news for XpressFish customers is that we now have 3 excellent brands of fully MSC Certified cod and haddock under the brands Gadus, Enniberg and Sjuroarberg


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